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So happy my husband is home! The weekend night time shoots were keeping us extra apart since we couldn’t really talk at all. I really missed him!

This morning's project was making more space for meditation practice. Feels good to be all set up!

✔ Meditation

"Guru Yoga is unzipping and realizing how inseparable we are from all of reality." --Lama Justin

✔ My Life Improvement

My only accomplishment today, besides some Diablo IV leveling, was making background jobs run on the server timezone. Needed to happen!

✔ My Life Improvement

Now people can mention a post of mine in their blog and get me to link back to them! I didn't do much besides process microformats and fall back to the title attribute. I knew I was going to do more but wanted to get something going. 😁

Did my taxes. <sarcasm>Yay.</sarcasm>

✔ Multiple Activities

Lovely 30 minute yoga session. Some discomfort in my shoulder. Should probably ask doctor about it.

Accidentally checked the meditation checkbox while writing this update so I decided to sit for 10 minutes. Glad I did!

✔ Meditation

It’s been a month since I did sadhana practice. Need to do it more often. Feels fantastic!

Re: yesterday’s weigh in, I seem to have dropped 2.4 lbs overnight so I suppose all that gain was water weight. Yay!

So the weight loss trend continues apace with a modest 2lb lost over the last month.

✔ Close Exercise Ring

I seem to have closed my exercise ring just by climbing the stairs a few times. Yay!

Oh, and I seem to have uncovered a bug, which I have subsequently fixed, that breaks when I choose just a single activity to complete.

Today’s feel good message: a mastodon post “RIP Bob of Bob’s Red Mill who gave his company to his employees when he retired …”

✔ My Life Improvement +...

I can now perform multiple activities in a single post. Oh, and I did some Spanish practice, too, while I was waiting for the build. ;-)

✔ Meditation

Did a short guided meditation on bodily discomfort. It was sorely needed. The small insight that resistance to pain is a form of compassion was totally worth it! Thanks Healthy Minds Program!

✔ Weigh In

Slight weight gain this week. This stuff is HARD! I cannot find a way to consistently lose weight without verging on panic from hunger.

✔ Meditation

Amazing practice session with Lama Justin. Feelings quite present!

My Life Experiment

My blog is now running on aleph instead of jetty. Interestingly, it uses up a lot more memory. Capping the heap at 340m makes it performant enough. Was able to cap the jetty implementation at 192m.

Perhaps it is more resource efficient in other ways? You can see what I had to change.

I might try out yada next. But it seems to be a lot more opinionated.

✔ My Life Improvement

Doing some memory tuning to see how small of a droplet I can run the server in. Got it down to 192m. Performance was abysmal at 128m. Spent a lot of time garbage collecting.

more inside...

Why haven’t I taken an intentional day of rest in so long? Perhaps a chillax retreat is in order…

My brain is currently noodling on why I’m using nginx to route traffic to fossil and so forth, while simultaneously allowing mylife to host its own SSL cert, thus losing out on tracking which IP is hitting the app at any given time. Looking for alternative approaches! I don’t want to go deeper into virtual networking but I may have to!

✔ Meditation

10 minutes right before work -- seems like a winning plan!

✔ My Life Improvement

Now I get a daily email of activities available to me -- maybe a bit more motivating?

Seems I have been forgetting to commit code. Lol! Everything is now committed. Whoops!

✔ Strength Training

Did a bit of Pilates on Apple fitness+ — not the best but it at least got me moving. Best part was hanging with my husband!

✔ 16:8 Fast

I did it again. Feeling good! But the temptation to break the fast last night was the worst so far. Also gained 0.4lbs.. didn’t eat very healthily yesterday. Ha!

Back from extended power outage. Can't wait for solar to be installed. Quite ridiculous!

✔ Weigh In

Lost 2lbs since last weigh in! Not bad for not really focusing on it except for 2 days.

Guess my little cheats here and there didn’t have a huge impact.

✔ Meditation

Lovely practice session during today's Mirror of Light class

✔ 16:8 Fast

Day 1 wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Fast is continuing until I’m done making our veggie omelets!

✔ My Life Improvement

I can now delete a post. Nothing motivates one more than accidental creation of something I didn't mean to create. :-)

Lately I’ve been cheating a lot in the evenings. Feels like I need to combine calorie (and protein) tracking with fasting. I don’t know exactly if I want to fast through breakfast or dinner. I don’t like the anxiety I get from hunger. But I also vaguely remember that it goes away after doing it enough times.

Ok. I start today!

✔ Strength Training

Only 20 minutes because I kept procrastinating. But I WILL close my exercise ring today!

Started wheezing soon after. Need to be careful not to push too hard too fast!

Really feeling the endorphins though. Very pleasant hehe.

✔ Meditation

10 minutes. Finally noticed my mind at minute 9. Fantastic session!

Seems it is hard wired in us to not want to exercise. So you need to hack yourself to make it happen. That’s what my quest to build this blog platform has been all about! Just on a larger scale. 😀

✔ Meditation

Feeling good! And consistent. And a bit anxious after just eating lunch. Mind was very busy.

✔ Strength Training

First rowing with Apple Fitness+ and I pushed harder than I ever dared with this rowing machine. Felt awesome! I’m gonna do it again!!!

Seems I broke a record for calories burned rowing. Worked!

✔ My Life Improvement

Nobody but me needs to login to the site so I moved that link to the bottom of the page. 😀

Oh, and you can click my name or the logo on the left to go back home.

✔ Meditation

Fantastic session. Trying just open awareness for 15 minutes. We will see how it goes.

I feel like I need to write a reflection. How has working on and using this app affected me?

Possibly I will later. But for now I can say it has been a roller coaster of emotions. I go back and forth between hyper focusing on my goals and blaming myself when I burn myself out. Then a spark occurs and drags me back in.

Still missing the social aspect. Not sure how to build it, either technologically or otherwise. But I know it’s critical to keeping motivation going!

✔ Weigh In

Had a bad few days but didn’t gain any weight. Didn’t lose any either. lol! Ok back to starving myself!

✔ Meditation

"Sometimes you have to get into the math of letting your hair down" --Lama Justin

I needed this!

The gray rainy day is definitely affecting my mood. 😂

I can now add, delete, and update activity configurations. The final step is going to be actually using these configurations to quickly log the fact that I did something.

It is starting to feel like spring around here! Went for a lovely walk around the neighborhood and decided to cut down some weeds that are starting to grow in. Hope I didn’t damage the lawn!

An interesting data point from work — I paired with someone who previously inspected, async, code I paired with someone else on. After about an hour of pairing with me he noticed things about the code he had previously inspected and offered solid advice to correct things neither of us had noticed previously.

Anecdotally, then, in this case pair programming produced higher quality than asynchronous code inspection.

Stayed in zone 2 on the rowing machine for a while. Feeling tired but pleasant. Accomplished! 30 minutes.

Yesterday we splurged and got some dessert with lunch. But I said to myself at dinner time, “I will not succumb to temptation” to continue splurging. It was soooo tempting! But woke up today having lost another 0.2 lbs. Proud of myself!

Lost over a pound these past few days! Feeling proud. Gotta get under 190# before I give myself another treat haha.

Work circumstances have changed temporarily so my habits have to change too. Already finished my workout and about to go do some meditation hopefully in time for a shower and then I start work!

Feeling very good after having a gap in working out. The rowing machine has been a fantastic investment!

Also found time to meditate a bit thank goodness!

  • ✔ Meditation 10min

This activities stuff is taking a while. Wrote up a simple HTML form to add a new activity configuration. This will allow someone to say that a particular activity is available once a week or once a day for now. The cron language isn't perfect, so things like "every other day" seem impossible to say. I'd have to write something custom for that and I'm feeling lazy.

"When our experience of mind shifts, so too does our experience of samsara." --Lama Justin


Looking forward to first class covering Mirror of Light, which promises to be a reasonable meditation program for busy people. :-) Like me!

My Life Improvement

Today's work on My Life revolved around making it easier to log in and stay logged in. I realized my phone was purging session cookies basically every day, so I changed the cookie management to set explicit expiration dates. And extend those expiration dates every time you use the app. Therefore, so long as you keep using the app you won't get logged out.

more inside...

So I was in the middle of scheduling our site survey for a solar and battery backup installation and the power went out. Fun times!! It was out for 3 hrs.

Very pleased I was commended today by my manager for advocating and teaching xp tools, including pair programming and test driven development. He expressed his appreciation in an engineering all hands. It feels nice to be supported!

Back to losing weight. Last long weekend was bad for me. But so far I’ve lost 5lbs since getting back from Colombia. Time to get back to it!

Have I really not worked on the blog in so long? I really want to finish the activity feature, as I want to just push a button to say I did a thing. There isn’t much left!

Then I think I’ll add simple images. Tasks isn’t THAT critical.

  • ✔ Ngondro!
  • ✔ Rowing 30 minutes
  • ✔ 1x 7min workout
  • ✔ DuoLingo

I was obsessing over how much it would take to meet all the requirements for the next empowerment. I’m craving it! Wondering if this is a sign I should let it go. Or watch the craving as I go with the energy and try to enjoy it without having to hit the goal? Do I think this yidam will be “the one” for me?

7min workout kicked my butt! I need to keep doing it!! But there was serious pain in my shoulder doing push ups. I need an alternative or modification.

Today was a visit to the zoo. This has been a busy weekend! I need a vacation. Ha!

We went to the natural history museum and center for civil and human rights. Lovely day of learning and enjoying time.

We went to the aquarium and Coca Cola museum today. Nothing else accomplished. I ate too much. It was lovely. lol!

“You know all the random unforced tech layoffs are just labor disorganizing, right?

“That's it. That's all they are. They're making us play musical chairs with our jobs to keep us from ever building enough trust to organize. Their ideal outcome is a labor pool that's too traumatized and reactive to act collectively.

“Just pushing everyone into a scarcity mindset on purpose. It's the whole US economy writ small.

“If you liked that toot then you'll love this book”

post on mastodon

🤯 I have nothing to add. This sentiment is perfect.

Made a bit more progress on "New Activity" -- had to refactor the front page to have a "new..." link instead of separate links for each "new" thing I could do. It just didn't look good on mobile! On the new options page I'll add "new activity" or just put the activities directly there. Not sure!

re my note about our sonos roam, it is officially dead. They will send us a discount code for buying a new product if I send back the old speaker. Wondering if it's worth the effort, since I'll have to pay for packaging.

Update: it's likely worth the effort. 30% off any item, including any set. That could be a LOT of cash savings.

Lost 0.1 lbs today. This is feeling more like it.

  • ✔ Rowing
  • ✔ DuoLingo -- finished section 2, unit 2!

Almost ready to wire up the activity code to the UI! Soon I'll be able to configure and execute recurring activities.

One of our Sonos Roam speakers died after 13 months. Just outside of warranty range. Gonna have to contact support. Doing all the resuscitation activities I can find on the net to no avail. 😓

Today’s Activities

Lost another pound. Also the scale reports my visceral fat level has gone down by a point to 11 which makes it well within the healthy range. Makes me happy!

Tried doing meditation right after Pilates. My thoughts were mostly preoccupied with things I wanted to do but there were flashes of awareness. Feeling positive. If I gave myself more time and posture support I might have a few more insights!

  • ✔ Rowing
  • ✔ Pilates
  • ✔ Meditation
Today's Activities

The morning as a bit stressful with a tornado warning but all is well. Did some things today:

  • ✔ Rowing
  • ✔ Standing Meditation
  • ✔ Wrote some code in My Life to set the foundation for tracking recurring activities (habits)
Today’s Activities

Had a break last weekend but only gained a bit of weight, so that’s good! Will update this post as I accomplish things.

  • ✔ Rowing for 30 minutes
  • ✔ Pilates
  • ✔ DuoLingo

Sat still for an hour with some Quakers today! It was lovely. The only weirdness was someone quoting the Bible, which felt a bit off-putting. Was good practice. Am I the only person who wants something like an Unprogrammed Quaker Meeting but without the Christian baggage?

No exercise or anything today. Kind of a rest/cheat day. ;-) Assuming my weight will go up tomorrow. Back to it tomorrow tho!

DuoLingo is getting harder! Does that mean I’m getting a bit better? I need to focus more.

The weight loss continues. Down 0.8lbs today. Still wondering if this is a healthy amount of weight loss.

Feeling so lazy to do any goal-related stuff today. But I did* anyway! Possibly my body is telling me I need to chill.

I at least got the rowing in. 😀

I can now export the entire blog, including page and post edit history. Very happy about that! I'll still keep my pages checked in so I can easily use a fancy editor to modify them, at least for now, since I'm still stuck on not having any JavaScript.

Getting kind of excited about the next batch of My Life tasks! :-) Gonna allow for the explicit management of habits and tasks next. So far I’m kind of proud there is not a bit of JavaScript in this thing and it runs very quickly!

Lovely meditation session after work. Yay!

Rowing after strength training. Never thought I would find the energy but I did it!

Made a few styling improvements to the blog today. Suppose I should check in on the task list and see what I can work on next!

Did a core yoga routine using the Nike Training app. Wow! Feeling quite good.

Also today’s blood pressure measurement was a bit lower stress. I enjoy the 5 minute meditation I do beforehand and the self-reassurance that things are fine and we are doing this to be in control as much as we can. Not perfect tho.. my anxiety remains higher than I would like.

BP down to 112/85 — still a bit strange. Few people have high diastolic but not high systolic blood pressure. One article suggests it is because of sleep apnea, which I have but have a CPAP. Also still a bit overweight, which is a factor. Lost another 0.5lbs tho!

Was tempted yesterday to overeat but resisted. For some reason I didn’t feel too hungry. Maybe because I was making my own food for the most part? Starting the day with steel cut oats seems to be an excellent plan.

First day back to work. Tired! I need a chair massage.

I now have a local Nexus repository running that allows folks to download the docker images I publish for My Life. However, the links are all wrong because I don't have it configured properly. It'll get there! I hope? :-) Will set up a link to it soon as I have it all figured out. Or shut it down because it isn't worth it. Likely this is a path I didn't need to tread down, as nobody really wants to run this software anyway except me!

Did a bit of research on what it takes to host the container images for My Life today. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world! And that’s basically all I accomplished today. Did have some fun playing Baldur’s Gate 3 with my best buddy though! So, a bit of coding and a lot of rest.

Feels fine. :-)

Need to get back on track and find a smaller bite to take.

Happy New Year! May we all find the circumstances and energy to live happier, healthier lives.

Feeling great after 20 minutes of rowing. Closed my exercise ring!

Weighed in for the first time in a while. 196.4lbs. Yikes. Started the new diet today: targeting 1.5lbs/week in weight loss for 2 weeks, then 1 week of normal eating, then repeat. Hope this makes it sustainable. My spreadsheet says I'll hit my goal weight (150lbs) on Nov. 19, 2024. That's a while! But I can do it!!

Back to DuoLingo Spanish! Feeling proud of myself. Heh

We have upgraded to JDK 21! I attempted to make this thing work with native image compilation using GraalVM, but that failed miserably. I didn't try too hard, so maybe if I did somehow find the energy to build that skillset it would happen later?

We are home safe and sound! So happy to be amongst our fur babies and our house. Time to rest!

All set for our flight home! Very excited to return to our lives. Definitely gonna get on my exercise routine.

Made it to Bogotá and tried on my pants for the first time since we left Atlanta. Very tight. Oh no! Super committed to losing the weight and keeping it off.

Was it the chocolate at night that made it so I had a bout of insomnia? Or the anxiety about our trip home? Who knows? 🤣

It is a bittersweet feeling to be saying goodbye to our Colombian family tomorrow!

I need a separate habit for strength training. First step: finding an exercise I can do to increase strength without hurting my injured shoulder.

It looks like users of won't be receiving replies from my site. That's because in order for my replies to show up on their timeline I have to have an account there. Makes me sad!

re:, I agree, but I wish it was easier to build small apps that you can self host that also federate. I'm doing an experiment using just IndieWeb constructs and avoiding ActivityPub because of how ill defined it is. Fingers crossed it goes somewhere!

It strikes me that this past week I've been playing fast and loose with the rules a bit too much. Mostly because the stakes are quite low if something goes wrong. So what if folks can't see my blog for a day? Nobody reads it that I can tell.

Looking back over my past posts, I realize I made a conscious choice to stop my TDD discipline for that one task. Fascinating how as the days wore on that conscious choice reinforced an unconscious habit to avoid the discipline.

I think it might be good to imagine the stakes are a bit higher and amp up my discipline again. I'll make a separate "xp" tag as a reminder and hopefully strengthen a new habit!

I never thought I would find a way to test the job scheduler but when I broke it and didn’t notice for a day I realized I had better! So I did.

Wrote a unit test to validate all the schedules generated a next time to run successfully. That made me feel quite safe!

So I guess that five minute task actually took a bit longer. ;-)

After a lovely trip to Barichara it is a day of rest before we begin our trip back to Atlanta! Digestive issues continue. Will be glad to be home and in control of our food intake.

How dare my family interrupt my coding with trips to beautiful places in Colombia?

Cache invalidation continues to be a bane. The charts don’t change when the day goes on. Ha! But I keep learning as I use my software. Kind of fun!

I’m going to try this new eating plan so I can hopefully avoid hitting a plateau!

Finally added time zone support to the app so now my blog is displaying Eastern Time instead of GMT. You’re welcome. 😜

My latest thinking regarding using my blog to keep myself motivated generated a bunch of change in my task list. Soon the task list will be managed by the app! That is, if my inspiration holds. Ha!

Just a short 10 minute meditation made such a difference. Today I was attempting to “wait with curiosity for nothing in particular.” Even with noises of people doing their normal everyday things all throughout the house there was a profound sense of peace.

Family walk today was better! Started by climbing the stairs in the stadium to get the heart rate going. Closed my exercise ring for the first time in a while!

It’s kind of hilarious that most of the words I’ve learned this trip have to do with sickness.

Feeling so much better today! Rest does wonders.

Christmas Eve was quite eventful. Didn’t sleep at all because people were setting off fireworks nonstop. And I have had GI issues all night as well. Today will hopefully be a day of rest!

There was one issue with webmention receipt that I found when testing in production. It had to do with using a function that relied on the internal domain/port setup, which was not the right thing to do. Only worked while testing locally. Fun times! Anyway, it should now be working!

Walk with the family was nice! Didn’t quite close my exercise ring but that’s ok. Kept the energy moving!

How have I not said anything about my Spanish studies yet? It’s because I forgot all about it! I will do better.

So far I’ve been immersed in it and picking things up here and there. But I’ll get back to DuoLingo!

It is surprisingly complex to receive webmentions, at least if I want to display some useful information about them on my posts. Have been working on it all day!

So far I can parse some simple microformats2 info and may fall back to open graph if I don’t find anything. Generating a unique ID requires my first use of crypto (for generating hmac hash of a webmention).

Just gotta store them and then build the white / black listing logic. And finally attaching the approved ones to the correct post and rendering them.

Haven’t really had a lot of social interaction lately. Most of this vacation is introspective and when I’m with family it’s with some shopping or eating purpose but the conversation goes too fast I can’t keep up.

Mother in law has been sick, too, which makes me sad! Was looking forward to gaming with her!

Very happy with the new tag management workflows. Not really visible to folks who don’t run an instance but it makes me happy 😃.

Made possible by feedback from my amazing husband! Everything is better with feedback.

Still gaining weight on this trip. My self control sucks. I must cut out as many carbs as I can. Husband’s parents love to feed me sweet things! Ha!

Also, cache invalidation is the bane of my existence. There is something to be said about a blanket content cache. Much simpler than what I’m working with. Perhaps in the rewrite of tagging I will switch to that! Not sure.

Fascinating how much my mind is moving with the tags stuff added. Now I’m starting to wonder how often I write about various things. I think the sparklines page is going to be interesting!

We have tags!

Sort of.

Ok so I have written some code but not checked it in. This is what I suppose I would call a “spike solution” but with a fun twist that it’s running against a production database. No idea how that will break things if I roll the code back!

I don’t want to roll it all back. But it wasn’t test driven! So I gotta try test driving it so I don’t miss anything. It was a LOT of functionality.

I suppose simultaneously that trough is perfectly reasonable. It was, in fact, vacation, which I supposedly am on. But that's no excuse to stop paying attention to my health!

Also I need it to keep me logged in longer on iOS. Not sure why the sessions don’t last as long.

Yes it appears I absolutely must get the tagging features working. My motivation is a bit low. Didn’t post once yesterday! Though I did close my exercise ring. Ended up doing a few ad hoc meditations as well but those weren’t intended to improve my mental health but instead work with stress I experienced due to my lack of stability.

Yesterday was something else. Suffering from heat mixed with picturesque scenery and good company. Overall a wonderful experience. If you can tolerate the heat I recommend Chicamocha highly!

I need to figure out how I feel about keeping animals in captivity. For wild animals, it seems like it creates great suffering so that some humans can get a little enjoyment. No brainer that this is generating negative karma.

But then what about domesticated ones? So long as their life with their human is better than it would have been in the wild are we doing the right thing? Is this karmically neutral? Hard to tell!

The spa was fantastic. Had a very strong massage that I’m still sore from today. Enjoyed a very relaxing day.

I really enjoyed my walk today with my husband! Didn’t close my exercise ring yet but we got some “us” time which I sorely needed.

Huge fan of this vision!

“Imagine a world without corporations, or rather, where corporations have gone extinct. Every family and community has their own servers, federating with others in a ritual process, defending their own against other groups with enmity.”

Going to a day spa today! Starting to realize I should give myself the ability to upload images.

Every time I visit Colombia I imagine retiring here. The fruit situation alone is a huge draw! Less than $1 US for a whole papaya. Amazing!!

I just read an article about why I’m not losing weight and realized that I need to find a strength training setup that won’t hurt my shoulder even more. Ever since I became unable to do sun salutations I’ve lost my motivation! However it is critical not just for weight loss but also for quick recovery from illness.

More research to do!

Fascinating experience sitting through a Catholic mass in Spanish. Excellent time to practice meditation!

Feels like the language and stack I picked make it want to be a multi tenant thing instead of many small things running independently.

That is if I want to minimize electricity waste! Will need to see how much memory it takes to run this thing and do some thinking.

Starting to wonder — what will it take to make it super easy for folks to interact with my blog? While retaining control of all their content?

Wondering if “My Life” as a service could become a thing?

And so it came to be that the blog list can now be limited to the most recent X items. I continue to be pleased at how easy it is to add functionality to the blog. Starting to wonder how to make the content management part a bit easier. Like, should folks be able to include pages into other pages? Doesn’t seem that tough!

On that note.. seems it is time for a “view all” button. The feed is getting long!

Sometimes I enjoy coding up the boring stuff. Makes me feel like I’m doing something important even though I’m likely the only person who benefits. Seems my side projects really feed my sense of self importance!

Who knew fried bananas on a burger would be delicious? I didn’t!

I cannot express the abject terror of having your house sitter leave the back door open and your cats who are indoor-only sneak out. And the relief when your sitter successfully returns and corrects the issue, likely because your overly paranoid security system warned you of said back door being open within minutes of them departing. That was still a harrowing 10 minutes, though, knowing there was nothing I could do from Colombia!

Fascinating how easily I fell out of my health habits over the holidays. Especially when I visit my family my old habits resurge with a vengeance! I need to figure out a way to keep my new habits in those circumstances.

Breakfast of freshly cut, perfectly ripe papaya, banana, and kiwi.. one could get used to this! I have missed Colombia!!

And.. I need to make it so I stay logged in longer! And make it easier to post quickly from my phone!

The sleep deprivation is real. But we got to walk around outside a bit. That helped my mood immensely!

Did not sleep well last night. The little hotel we stayed in has very thin walls and our room is right next to the lobby. Tonight will be better!

There is something surreal about writing a note while flying on an airplane to Colombia. The magic of the internet is mind boggling.

The new line chart has made me want to post more just to keep the line high! I need to figure out how to moderate it. Maybe set a limit to the amplitude per day?

Good problem to have!

When is rent seeking a “good thing?”

Woke up today excited about our trip to Colombia! Also having thoughts about what I want in my long term future. Do I want to be building software forever? How is that helping humanity at large?

more inside...

Aaron has some adorable kitties! This makes me want to be able to upload images to my blog now so I can post some more photos of our babies.

By the way, I need to thank him for his patience as I fumble around with all this microformats stuff!

Oh, and the upshot, I suppose, is that the site is now successfully sending webmentions! I need to go find some blogs that accept webmentions and reply for real to one of them.

Sometimes I test in production and things go horribly wrong. Today was one of those days. Thank goodness I was using a bitemporal database! Today, I needed to rewind history on all my blog posts while testing sending of webmentions as I was accidentally overwriting the creation time of a post when setting a flag that I had successfully sent all its webmentions. Lesson learned!

Side benefit -- I now have the ability to show the history of a post and so forth. Sometimes taking off the safety net forces you to garner unexpected benefits. Of course, one must also have made good decisions leading up to the moment of removal of said safety net. 😅

My good friend John made some excellent suggestions for this app's styling! I hope I integrated them well.

I'm torn -- should I "finish" the webmention stuff so that this site complies with the spec completely? Or should I move into the stuff I'm most excited about? I'd really love to have conversations with other folks on my blog, but that seems to be a long way off! Very hopeful at least a few folks will find this app useful enough that they won't have to go through this pain. 😁

Super excited / nervous about our trip to Colombia!

Holidays are terrible for my health. The sugar addiction is real. 😢

Ramblings About Team Coaching

The 6 team conditions framework seems like the work of psychodynamic therapy. The way my therapist puts it, the approach is for the therapist to create a space for the patient's mind to heal.

more inside...
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