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My mind is resisting all the systems I’ve been putting in place to nudge me toward health. Fascinating! I need to figure out what is going on. For now I’ll just keep writing about it in a gentle-to-myself way!

A week’s vacation and feeling quite renewed!

Today has been very nice and relaxing. Nice to take a rest from doing all the things.

I don't feel much like doing anything today. Completely worn out from yesterday's exertion!

Seems these past couple days have been a bit of a whirlwind. My sleep schedule is all messed up and I haven’t been on top of what I needed to accomplish.

However! We did get several significant things done for the house and other out of the ordinary things. Started up a new D&D group, and booked vacation flight and hotel, for example!

That will be good for me in the long run I think.

Now I just need to find a new equilibrium and rebuild my routines to stay on top of health. While also getting all the other things done.

✔ My Life Improvement

My only accomplishment today, besides some Diablo IV leveling, was making background jobs run on the server timezone. Needed to happen!

Why haven’t I taken an intentional day of rest in so long? Perhaps a chillax retreat is in order…

The gray rainy day is definitely affecting my mood. 😂

Today was a visit to the zoo. This has been a busy weekend! I need a vacation. Ha!

We went to the natural history museum and center for civil and human rights. Lovely day of learning and enjoying time.

We went to the aquarium and Coca Cola museum today. Nothing else accomplished. I ate too much. It was lovely. lol!

No exercise or anything today. Kind of a rest/cheat day. ;-) Assuming my weight will go up tomorrow. Back to it tomorrow tho!

Feeling so lazy to do any goal-related stuff today. But I did* anyway! Possibly my body is telling me I need to chill.

I at least got the rowing in. 😀

First day back to work. Tired! I need a chair massage.

Did a bit of research on what it takes to host the container images for My Life today. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world! And that’s basically all I accomplished today. Did have some fun playing Baldur’s Gate 3 with my best buddy though! So, a bit of coding and a lot of rest.

Feels fine. :-)

Need to get back on track and find a smaller bite to take.

We are home safe and sound! So happy to be amongst our fur babies and our house. Time to rest!

After a lovely trip to Barichara it is a day of rest before we begin our trip back to Atlanta! Digestive issues continue. Will be glad to be home and in control of our food intake.

Just a short 10 minute meditation made such a difference. Today I was attempting to “wait with curiosity for nothing in particular.” Even with noises of people doing their normal everyday things all throughout the house there was a profound sense of peace.

Feeling so much better today! Rest does wonders.

Christmas Eve was quite eventful. Didn’t sleep at all because people were setting off fireworks nonstop. And I have had GI issues all night as well. Today will hopefully be a day of rest!

I suppose simultaneously that trough is perfectly reasonable. It was, in fact, vacation, which I supposedly am on. But that's no excuse to stop paying attention to my health!

Yes it appears I absolutely must get the tagging features working. My motivation is a bit low. Didn’t post once yesterday! Though I did close my exercise ring. Ended up doing a few ad hoc meditations as well but those weren’t intended to improve my mental health but instead work with stress I experienced due to my lack of stability.

Yesterday was something else. Suffering from heat mixed with picturesque scenery and good company. Overall a wonderful experience. If you can tolerate the heat I recommend Chicamocha highly!

The spa was fantastic. Had a very strong massage that I’m still sore from today. Enjoyed a very relaxing day.

Going to a day spa today! Starting to realize I should give myself the ability to upload images.

The sleep deprivation is real. But we got to walk around outside a bit. That helped my mood immensely!

Did not sleep well last night. The little hotel we stayed in has very thin walls and our room is right next to the lobby. Tonight will be better!

There is something surreal about writing a note while flying on an airplane to Colombia. The magic of the internet is mind boggling.

Super excited / nervous about our trip to Colombia!

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