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Very sad I haven’t been able to get a solar system yet. I don’t actually know the difference in ROI between getting that and paying off our mortgage sooner and investing in the S&P. Feeling like it has to be less about cash but why? Our economic system needs to solve for big things not me!

Or no? Am I interested in solar because I want to save the planet? Or because I don’t want to have a power outage? Or save money?

Curious.. how many people skip because they want to instead of because they want attention?

Seems like all this investment in AI is going to do much more harm than good. Hope I’m wrong. Hope we don’t kick off an extinction level event. Tho maybe it’s for the best. Our species seems to be a threat to the rest of the planet.

Would love to be proved wrong!

Georgia’s Awful Anti-Immigrant Bill Must Be Stopped

“HB 1105 is a draconian bill rooted in anti-immigrant sentiment that would mandate local law enforcement to comply with failed policies and programs like 287(g) and error-prone ICE detainers that will cost counties millions of dollars . HB 1105 in no way promotes public safety.”

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Had another power outage last night. This is starting to really suck. Georgia Power really doesn’t seem to care about the south side of Atlanta.

Today’s feel good message: a mastodon post “RIP Bob of Bob’s Red Mill who gave his company to his employees when he retired …”

Back from extended power outage. Can't wait for solar to be installed. Quite ridiculous!

Seems it is hard wired in us to not want to exercise. So you need to hack yourself to make it happen. That’s what my quest to build this blog platform has been all about! Just on a larger scale. 😀

So I was in the middle of scheduling our site survey for a solar and battery backup installation and the power went out. Fun times!! It was out for 3 hrs.

“You know all the random unforced tech layoffs are just labor disorganizing, right?

“That's it. That's all they are. They're making us play musical chairs with our jobs to keep us from ever building enough trust to organize. Their ideal outcome is a labor pool that's too traumatized and reactive to act collectively.

“Just pushing everyone into a scarcity mindset on purpose. It's the whole US economy writ small.

“If you liked that toot then you'll love this book”

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🤯 I have nothing to add. This sentiment is perfect.

Happy New Year! May we all find the circumstances and energy to live happier, healthier lives.

It looks like users of won't be receiving replies from my site. That's because in order for my replies to show up on their timeline I have to have an account there. Makes me sad!

I need to figure out how I feel about keeping animals in captivity. For wild animals, it seems like it creates great suffering so that some humans can get a little enjoyment. No brainer that this is generating negative karma.

But then what about domesticated ones? So long as their life with their human is better than it would have been in the wild are we doing the right thing? Is this karmically neutral? Hard to tell!

Huge fan of this vision!

“Imagine a world without corporations, or rather, where corporations have gone extinct. Every family and community has their own servers, federating with others in a ritual process, defending their own against other groups with enmity.”

Feels like the language and stack I picked make it want to be a multi tenant thing instead of many small things running independently.

That is if I want to minimize electricity waste! Will need to see how much memory it takes to run this thing and do some thinking.

Starting to wonder — what will it take to make it super easy for folks to interact with my blog? While retaining control of all their content?

Wondering if “My Life” as a service could become a thing?

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