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✔ Multiple Activities

All I had to do was show a buddy my daily report and he motivated me to practice Spanish! The power of social. Starting to wonder if I should add a feature to send an accountability email to people who want to help!

✔ Multiple Activities

Practiced Yuthok Nyingthig inner guru yoga. There is no good reason I can’t do this every day when I find myself over scheduled! Same with DuoLingo. It’s just 3 to 5 minutes each!!

✔ My Life Improvement +...

I can now perform multiple activities in a single post. Oh, and I did some Spanish practice, too, while I was waiting for the build. ;-)

  • ✔ Ngondro!
  • ✔ Rowing 30 minutes
  • ✔ 1x 7min workout
  • ✔ DuoLingo

I was obsessing over how much it would take to meet all the requirements for the next empowerment. I’m craving it! Wondering if this is a sign I should let it go. Or watch the craving as I go with the energy and try to enjoy it without having to hit the goal? Do I think this yidam will be “the one” for me?

7min workout kicked my butt! I need to keep doing it!! But there was serious pain in my shoulder doing push ups. I need an alternative or modification.

  • ✔ Rowing
  • ✔ DuoLingo -- finished section 2, unit 2!
Today’s Activities

Had a break last weekend but only gained a bit of weight, so that’s good! Will update this post as I accomplish things.

  • ✔ Rowing for 30 minutes
  • ✔ Pilates
  • ✔ DuoLingo

DuoLingo is getting harder! Does that mean I’m getting a bit better? I need to focus more.

Back to DuoLingo Spanish! Feeling proud of myself. Heh

It’s kind of hilarious that most of the words I’ve learned this trip have to do with sickness.

How have I not said anything about my Spanish studies yet? It’s because I forgot all about it! I will do better.

So far I’ve been immersed in it and picking things up here and there. But I’ll get back to DuoLingo!

Haven’t really had a lot of social interaction lately. Most of this vacation is introspective and when I’m with family it’s with some shopping or eating purpose but the conversation goes too fast I can’t keep up.

Mother in law has been sick, too, which makes me sad! Was looking forward to gaming with her!

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