Today’s health related info. Kept it updated through the morning.

General health update

Blood pressure was a bit high today (126/89) and I haven’t checked it in a while so that is a kick in the butt to get things under control. Total weight loss since I got back from Colombia is 3.2 lbs, which is likely mostly water weight. But that’s ok. Had a super healthy breakfast: steel cut oats, mixed berries, sliced almonds, and stevia.

Noticed I tend to get super anxious when I hear the sound of the blood pressure cuff. That isn’t helpful! Committing to checking blood pressure every day regardless. I need to overcome this health based anxiety.

Just 10 minutes of meditation has made me feel so much more calm. I am excited to see how continued practice affects everything else.

Did enough rowing to close my exercise ring. That was fantastic! Feeling really good now.

In other news I did another DuoLingo lesson. Feeling accomplished even with a few minutes of practice.

I got distracted with working on the blog infrastructure a bit which caused my workout and meditation routine to go later than I wanted. I need to find a way to get everything done in sequence before I let myself get into coding.