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We have the house of my dreams…

Stephen Castro-Starkey

Why do I now feel so sad? There are so many out there who dream of what I was somehow able to achieve who can’t seem to get there due to some inequity in our system.

Ramblings About Team Coaching

Stephen Castro-Starkey

The 6 team conditions framework seems like the work of psychodynamic therapy. The way my therapist puts it, the approach is for the therapist to create a space for the patient's mind to heal.

What to build next?

Stephen Castro-Starkey

I find myself drawn in many directions!

The Making of Yet Another Blog App

Stephen Castro-Starkey

As my first blog post I figured I'd write about the blog platform I'm building and how I'm building it.

Work in progress

This site is a work in progress. I'm building a

  • tiny
  • personal content management system, and
  • blog, with
  • some special motivation features, while
  • using TDD

This is part of a larger effort to bring more of my digital life "in-house" so to speak. So when something goes wrong I have only myself to blame. Ha!

You can follow along here