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So happy my husband is home! The weekend night time shoots were keeping us extra apart since we couldn’t really talk at all. I really missed him!

This morning's project was making more space for meditation practice. Feels good to be all set up!

✔ Meditation

"Guru Yoga is unzipping and realizing how inseparable we are from all of reality." --Lama Justin

✔ My Life Improvement

My only accomplishment today, besides some Diablo IV leveling, was making background jobs run on the server timezone. Needed to happen!

✔ My Life Improvement

Now people can mention a post of mine in their blog and get me to link back to them! I didn't do much besides process microformats and fall back to the title attribute. I knew I was going to do more but wanted to get something going. 😁

Did my taxes. <sarcasm>Yay.</sarcasm>

✔ Multiple Activities

Lovely 30 minute yoga session. Some discomfort in my shoulder. Should probably ask doctor about it.

Accidentally checked the meditation checkbox while writing this update so I decided to sit for 10 minutes. Glad I did!

✔ Meditation

It’s been a month since I did sadhana practice. Need to do it more often. Feels fantastic!

Re: yesterday’s weigh in, I seem to have dropped 2.4 lbs overnight so I suppose all that gain was water weight. Yay!

So the weight loss trend continues apace with a modest 2lb lost over the last month.

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