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Last night was awful. When the power goes out I don’t sleep because I need my CPAP. And Georgia Power doesn’t exactly have the best track record of keeping the lights on in south Atlanta.

I have not been focusing on my weight lately. It seems to take too much mental energy!

Excited about our trip to Ohio! It'll be nice to relax for a few days with family.

Well, ok, so I've rebuilt all the blog functionality I lost when I removed Patreon integration. At least enough to keep people apprised of things. Now I'm wondering if those posts should be part of the global RSS feed! Gotta think about that.

Also, as I write this post I realize the tag name is not correct. I really need to build functionality to delete and edit tags.

I am feeling the pain of not having a team to work with me on Coffee Time. It is very slow going. Motivation comes in fits and starts. I often wonder if I could have done a particular thing better. I wish I had the energy to grow my user experience capacity. But side projects like this don’t seem to attract people. I will have to go out and find! But where?

Starting to engage again with a solar installer. Thinking hard about doing it not just to save money but also for the planet!

The novelty has worn off. I need a new method to keep me coming back to log my habits. Whatever will I do?

Coffee Time is back! And on a whole new domain!! With embedded video, password-based authentication, and everything. Check it out

There is a ton of infrastructure I built around the old lean coffee app that relied on Selenium WebDriver. Now that I’m developing on Linux for the first time and struggling with it, I’m realizing I should probably throw all that away. Spent many hours trying to figure out why my tests wouldn’t run at all.

I feel like a return to simplicity is in order.

Starting to wonder if the best thing to do is use the old Coffee Time Java codebase to kick start the lean coffee revolution! At least it has a complete set of features.

Really want to do more on my cafe. Maybe this weekend since I’m feeling comfortable in the new job!

Walking this morning
A sheen of sweat on my skin
The air is so sweet

My mind is resisting all the systems I’ve been putting in place to nudge me toward health. Fascinating! I need to figure out what is going on. For now I’ll just keep writing about it in a gentle-to-myself way!

Very sad I haven’t been able to get a solar system yet. I don’t actually know the difference in ROI between getting that and paying off our mortgage sooner and investing in the S&P. Feeling like it has to be less about cash but why? Our economic system needs to solve for big things not me!

Or no? Am I interested in solar because I want to save the planet? Or because I don’t want to have a power outage? Or save money?

Finally made it so I can post a blog entry on my iPhone without zooming in and out. I like it! The side effect of this is that the setup page is much cleaner on mobile too!

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