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I’ve been thinking a lot about authentication in My Cafe. It’s starting to look like you will register/logon using your email address, and then afterwards you can add a passkey so you can login that way if you want to.

Almost done implementing email based authn!

Today's Lean Coffee chat to talk about whether we want to rebuild Coffee Time or reuse the existing codebase was quite good! We landed on starting a new codebase. The source code is hosted at

Next up: user authentication!

Feeling a bit down lately. But maybe that's just sleep deprivation? Have made some small edits to my legacy lean coffee app in preparation for bringing a few friends down memory lane as we consider rebuilding it! Or maybe I'll find a way to hack up the old one to make it easier to self service? Not sure what I want to do really. But, I'm certain I don't like compiling JavaScript. Ha!

Visit the old app if you want!

Curious.. how many people skip because they want to instead of because they want attention?

Seems like all this investment in AI is going to do much more harm than good. Hope I’m wrong. Hope we don’t kick off an extinction level event. Tho maybe it’s for the best. Our species seems to be a threat to the rest of the planet.

Would love to be proved wrong!

The new cafe app is coming along nicely. Just copied over the site config code from My Life and tweaked it a bit to correct some sins I've discovered. Next up: authentication!

Earlier I wrote that I would try out SuperTokens. Sadly, I don't think I want people to have to manage multiple server processes, and they require a backend written in either golang, nodejs, or python. Our backend is Java-based. Guess we'll have to try something else!

Today has been very nice and relaxing. Nice to take a rest from doing all the things.

Small update to the blog -- I no longer show my daily activities on the front page. You'll need to click through to one of the categories to see all that stuff.

I was kind of proud of how easy it was to add this feature -- it's a mix of code and template magic, so I was able to deploy the code without any behavior. Then I updated the home page template and it showed up!

I just moved this blog from my local PC hidden behind nginx to its own thing out in the cloud! It doesn't run behind a load balancer or anything. And in fact, I was able to run just a single script to get everything up and running. Pretty cool. One step closer to making it so anybody can run this thing really simply. Should anybody want to. Ha!

Well this is unfortunate. Today I woke up and the automatic SSL renewal effectively killed my blog. The web listener restarted, and even accepted a few requests. But then all future requests just timed out. Gonna have fun debugging this one!

Georgia’s Awful Anti-Immigrant Bill Must Be Stopped

“HB 1105 is a draconian bill rooted in anti-immigrant sentiment that would mandate local law enforcement to comply with failed policies and programs like 287(g) and error-prone ICE detainers that will cost counties millions of dollars . HB 1105 in no way promotes public safety.”

more inside...

Ran all the security updates on the machine hosting my blog. We are back up!

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