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Really want to do more on my cafe. Maybe this weekend since I’m feeling comfortable in the new job!

Walking this morning
A sheen of sweat on my skin
The air is so sweet

My mind is resisting all the systems I’ve been putting in place to nudge me toward health. Fascinating! I need to figure out what is going on. For now I’ll just keep writing about it in a gentle-to-myself way!

Very sad I haven’t been able to get a solar system yet. I don’t actually know the difference in ROI between getting that and paying off our mortgage sooner and investing in the S&P. Feeling like it has to be less about cash but why? Our economic system needs to solve for big things not me!

Or no? Am I interested in solar because I want to save the planet? Or because I don’t want to have a power outage? Or save money?

Finally made it so I can post a blog entry on my iPhone without zooming in and out. I like it! The side effect of this is that the setup page is much cleaner on mobile too!

Interesting I haven’t had a need to improve my blog. Even now, though, I realize it isn’t easy to write a post on my phone! Maybe I’ll fix that.

Edit event is done! I might add the option to add a url to a video call for folks what want to use apps that are more feature rich than the system we are about to add (LiveKit).

Today I did a bunch of stylistic updates in My Cafe, but no new features. Not sure why I'm stuck. This stuff should be easy!

Lots of progress today! We can create communities and from within a community you can go to a page where you can create an event. Using the native datetime html5 thing hoping people have modern browsers…

Made a bunch of improvements to My Cafe in the past few days! Users can set and remove passwords. Admins can approve user registrations, or deny/block them. And you can also modify the site configuration in the UI. The finally create org/team/whatever. What should that name be??

You should be able to take a penalty free withdrawal from your 401(k)/IRA to buy solar panels. Just sayin'.

This guy took the risk of the penalty and it paid off, but it doesn't always...

My Cafe now has basic email login. Most folks get annoyed with this kind of thing so I'll add passwords next and possibly passkeys in the future! Then we will create organizations/teams (still trying to figure out what the name should be) and events within those. Then agenda management, insights, tasks, etc.

A week’s vacation and feeling quite renewed!

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