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We are headed to San Francisco for a sorely needed vacation! On the agenda: Colombia vs Brazil in Copamerica! And some tourist things and maybe fireworks?

Excited about our trip to Ohio! It'll be nice to relax for a few days with family.

So happy my husband is home! The weekend night time shoots were keeping us extra apart since we couldn’t really talk at all. I really missed him!

✔ Strength Training

Did a bit of Pilates on Apple fitness+ — not the best but it at least got me moving. Best part was hanging with my husband!

We are home safe and sound! So happy to be amongst our fur babies and our house. Time to rest!

It is a bittersweet feeling to be saying goodbye to our Colombian family tomorrow!

How dare my family interrupt my coding with trips to beautiful places in Colombia?

Family walk today was better! Started by climbing the stairs in the stadium to get the heart rate going. Closed my exercise ring for the first time in a while!

Walk with the family was nice! Didn’t quite close my exercise ring but that’s ok. Kept the energy moving!

Haven’t really had a lot of social interaction lately. Most of this vacation is introspective and when I’m with family it’s with some shopping or eating purpose but the conversation goes too fast I can’t keep up.

Mother in law has been sick, too, which makes me sad! Was looking forward to gaming with her!

Very happy with the new tag management workflows. Not really visible to folks who don’t run an instance but it makes me happy 😃.

Made possible by feedback from my amazing husband! Everything is better with feedback.

I need to figure out how I feel about keeping animals in captivity. For wild animals, it seems like it creates great suffering so that some humans can get a little enjoyment. No brainer that this is generating negative karma.

But then what about domesticated ones? So long as their life with their human is better than it would have been in the wild are we doing the right thing? Is this karmically neutral? Hard to tell!

I really enjoyed my walk today with my husband! Didn’t close my exercise ring yet but we got some “us” time which I sorely needed.

Huge fan of this vision!

“Imagine a world without corporations, or rather, where corporations have gone extinct. Every family and community has their own servers, federating with others in a ritual process, defending their own against other groups with enmity.”

The sleep deprivation is real. But we got to walk around outside a bit. That helped my mood immensely!

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