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I have not been focusing on my weight lately. It seems to take too much mental energy!

✔ Calorie Deficit

Have done 2 days of 16 hour fasting. Seems workable to skip breakfast instead of lunch!

✔ Weigh In

Gained weight. Didn’t weigh in for a while or do any calorie restriction so it makes sense. I wish I had better self control! Today I will start intermittent fasting regularly by skipping breakfast and switching to green tea because I don’t much like black coffee and green tea supposedly helps with weight loss.

My mind is resisting all the systems I’ve been putting in place to nudge me toward health. Fascinating! I need to figure out what is going on. For now I’ll just keep writing about it in a gentle-to-myself way!

✔ Calorie Deficit

I didn’t fast but my dinner was only 80 calories so I’m convinced there was a calorie deficit! Sadly I gained weight so I’m unsure.

✔ Multiple Activities

Did an 18-hour fast and also weighed in losing all the water weight haha. Not sure if I will try again or not!

✔ Multiple Activities

Only gained a couple pounds since last weigh in. Not bad considering a week of not paying attention at all due to a work trip!

✔ All Calories Tracked

Also weighed in today.. 3 lbs lost! Boy do I hope that’s water weight because that is way too much for 1 week!

✔ Weigh In

Lost a bit of weight this week. Proud! Also.. Invisalign likely helped lol.

✔ Weigh In

Not good. I haven’t paid attention to my calorie intake at all. Gained another pound this past week. Gonna try counting for the next 5 days and see how it goes.

✔ Weigh In

Not the best. Gained a tad more. Birthday cake was the problem lol.

Re: yesterday’s weigh in, I seem to have dropped 2.4 lbs overnight so I suppose all that gain was water weight. Yay!

So the weight loss trend continues apace with a modest 2lb lost over the last month.

✔ Weigh In

Slight weight gain this week. This stuff is HARD! I cannot find a way to consistently lose weight without verging on panic from hunger.

✔ 16:8 Fast

I did it again. Feeling good! But the temptation to break the fast last night was the worst so far. Also gained 0.4lbs.. didn’t eat very healthily yesterday. Ha!

✔ Weigh In

Lost 2lbs since last weigh in! Not bad for not really focusing on it except for 2 days.

Guess my little cheats here and there didn’t have a huge impact.

✔ 16:8 Fast

Day 1 wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Fast is continuing until I’m done making our veggie omelets!

Lately I’ve been cheating a lot in the evenings. Feels like I need to combine calorie (and protein) tracking with fasting. I don’t know exactly if I want to fast through breakfast or dinner. I don’t like the anxiety I get from hunger. But I also vaguely remember that it goes away after doing it enough times.

Ok. I start today!

✔ Weigh In

Had a bad few days but didn’t gain any weight. Didn’t lose any either. lol! Ok back to starving myself!

Yesterday we splurged and got some dessert with lunch. But I said to myself at dinner time, “I will not succumb to temptation” to continue splurging. It was soooo tempting! But woke up today having lost another 0.2 lbs. Proud of myself!

Lost over a pound these past few days! Feeling proud. Gotta get under 190# before I give myself another treat haha.

Back to losing weight. Last long weekend was bad for me. But so far I’ve lost 5lbs since getting back from Colombia. Time to get back to it!

Lost 0.1 lbs today. This is feeling more like it.

Today’s Activities

Lost another pound. Also the scale reports my visceral fat level has gone down by a point to 11 which makes it well within the healthy range. Makes me happy!

Tried doing meditation right after Pilates. My thoughts were mostly preoccupied with things I wanted to do but there were flashes of awareness. Feeling positive. If I gave myself more time and posture support I might have a few more insights!

  • ✔ Rowing
  • ✔ Pilates
  • ✔ Meditation

The weight loss continues. Down 0.8lbs today. Still wondering if this is a healthy amount of weight loss.

BP down to 112/85 — still a bit strange. Few people have high diastolic but not high systolic blood pressure. One article suggests it is because of sleep apnea, which I have but have a CPAP. Also still a bit overweight, which is a factor. Lost another 0.5lbs tho!

Was tempted yesterday to overeat but resisted. For some reason I didn’t feel too hungry. Maybe because I was making my own food for the most part? Starting the day with steel cut oats seems to be an excellent plan.

Weighed in for the first time in a while. 196.4lbs. Yikes. Started the new diet today: targeting 1.5lbs/week in weight loss for 2 weeks, then 1 week of normal eating, then repeat. Hope this makes it sustainable. My spreadsheet says I'll hit my goal weight (150lbs) on Nov. 19, 2024. That's a while! But I can do it!!

Made it to Bogotá and tried on my pants for the first time since we left Atlanta. Very tight. Oh no! Super committed to losing the weight and keeping it off.

I’m going to try this new eating plan so I can hopefully avoid hitting a plateau!

Still gaining weight on this trip. My self control sucks. I must cut out as many carbs as I can. Husband’s parents love to feed me sweet things! Ha!

I just read an article about why I’m not losing weight and realized that I need to find a strength training setup that won’t hurt my shoulder even more. Ever since I became unable to do sun salutations I’ve lost my motivation! However it is critical not just for weight loss but also for quick recovery from illness.

More research to do!

Who knew fried bananas on a burger would be delicious? I didn’t!

Fascinating how easily I fell out of my health habits over the holidays. Especially when I visit my family my old habits resurge with a vengeance! I need to figure out a way to keep my new habits in those circumstances.

Breakfast of freshly cut, perfectly ripe papaya, banana, and kiwi.. one could get used to this! I have missed Colombia!!

Holidays are terrible for my health. The sugar addiction is real. 😢

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