In which I admit that I chose not to use TDD and why. Trade offs!

Tagging is done-ish?

So it feels like I’ve gotten the bulk of the motivational functionality working. I can examine the tags I’ve got and see how many posts I’ve made over time. It’s a bit clunky to manage but not too terrible.

I’ve consciously chosen NOT to use TDD for the tagging functionality because I don’t know what I want. Once things are a bit more stable I’ll backfill tests or rebuild to the spec I’ve discovered.

Thankfully the hot reloading capabilities of Clojure make it so I can get super rapid feedback when I make a change. Not having to wait for the compiler is fantastic.

We shall see if the trade offs pay off in the future. Thankfully I’m the only customer and collaborator and it all still fits in my head for the most part.

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