Talking about how hard it is to (re-)build healthy habits.

Reorienting My Mind Training

This past weekend I really fell off the wagon in terms of healthy eating. It's so difficult to change these habits! Every time I'm tempted to eat "naughty food," like I encountered at yesterday's pow wow, I end up reverting to an old habit set that is missing things like "eat healthy," "meditate," and "exercise."

Thankfully, today at least I was able to get in 30 minutes of rowing! But my meditation habit remains far out of reach.

Considering how muddy my meditation world is right now what with having exited Shambhala and lost the structure of their path, I continue to experiment. It's shocking how bound up my meditation practice is with social systems. It feels like I'm waiting until I have found a community to join.

The local Tibetan Buddhist temple (Gelug) is a bit different in its approach, but is similar enough to the end of my Shambhala path that it may fit well. The local Soto Zen temple is quite different, but resonates well with the beginning of my path, which arguably had quite a few positives to it, not the least of which is having not kicked off a health-based panic disorder.

It feels like what I need to do is set up some time to chat with the lama at the Gelug temple, and go visit the Soto Zen temple! Will keep folks updated if they should care. 😃

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