A mind training tool for you

While I was at Agile 2019, I wondered how folks in the new self-care track figured out what they should present on. And, while I was impressed with all the content they had to offer, I also realized they were only scratching the surface of what could be taught.

So I sat down under a tree outside the conference center, wondering if I had something to share, and the first thing that popped into my mind was a Lojong slogan: "Be grateful to everyone."

This caused me to get started on a deep journey into this profound and helpful approach for training the mind. So, to start, I've added a feature to my website that will display a random slogan. As you return to my blog now and again, you might find something helpful!

The slogan list was generated using this little project I built a while back: scstarkey/lojong. It's since been updated to generate files that can be used on your website, or using the fun fortune program you find in various linux and unix distributions.

I personally have installed the fortune file into all my computers and whenever I open a terminal I'm greeted with a tiny nugget of wisdom. I've found it helpful!

Hope it helps you, too.

So, as I continue to dig into this rich tradition, I'll keep contemplating whether I have something to give back to the Agile community in 2020, and what form it will take. Maybe Atisha's wisdom will make it in!

Tags: creativity wellbeing hospitality