Do we have to split the USA to save humanity?

A thought I had while sitting comfortably in my air conditioned condo, at the height of privilege – are we doomed? Is the fact that our government is so screwed up, and likely to remain that way because of the Supreme Court, the reason we are unable to respond to the climate crisis in a fast-enough time frame to save humanity from extinction?

My logic: smaller countries adapt faster than large ones. Fewer people need to consent to a decision. Governments are streamlined. Those who remain within the smaller set of borders feel closer to each other.

In The Federalist (trigger warning: the article is written by a rabid Republican who doesn't understand human nature), a compelling argument is made that we can solve the gridlock problem by splitting the country in half. And we could even do it peacefully! All it would take would be a compact between the states about how to do it. Each would come up with their own Constitution, and they could begin with the laws on the books for the Former United States, and begin to evolve in their own separate ways after the split. (Map Photo, as the original tweet has been deleted)

Another article talks about several different split proposals. Fine by me! I like this map the best.

We could even share the U.S. Dollar if we wanted to. There would just need to be a cross-nation governance body, much like the E.U., but probably much smaller, with the power to regulate how the money is maintained, etc.

It could work.

And it's about time anyway. Our existing system is showing its age.

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