Tergar Goes Teal

I've been working quite hard on bringing myself fully into a Teal mindset. And, having been through several Holacracy transformations, and helping at least one other small group take a few tentative steps into Sociocracy, I'd like to think I've been making progress.

Also, after the trouble I've had working with Shambhala, I've been nervous that the new lineage I've aligned myself to might have some of the same problems.

Those nerves are now completely gone.

I was absolutely stunned to learn that Tergar is transitioning to Teal.

There are several important feelings this triggers in me:

  1. It takes some serious vulnerability and courage for a leader to invest his power into an organizational system – I yearn for that kind of teacher
  2. I'm absolutely giddy with the potential to support this transformation in some way – this means that my local meditation group will hopefully start to feel some of the ramifications soon
  3. I finally feel like this is a home for me

While I know that all things are impermanent, this fills me with such joy! Conditional joy, of course, but that's ok.


Tags: humanity