Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog! This has been several mornings of being late to work coming, as I have painstakingly ported all of my content over into a new, simpler system. Several things have changed:

  1. There is no longer a comment system. If you are interested in interacting with me, head over to my microblog
  2. There are no longer any cool pictures. Sorry!
  3. Tags are much easier to work with! Still haven't solved the problem of allowing folks to make their own newsfeed of just the tags they care about. I'll keep thinking about that!
  4. A bunch of blog posts did not make the cut. These were things that were unique to the blog software I was using before or that were nothing but pictures. If I find myself wanting to include images in posts in the future I'll think about bringing them back.

I've made the source code of my blog open source. You can get a peek into how I did what I did at these links:

  • Configuration File – this is specially tuned to allow the blog to be posted to S3. Thanks so much to this open issue, I was able to figure this out
  • S3 Publish and Sync scripts – this is how I upload new content to my blog
  • Simple import tool – I wrote this to take the JSON export from Ghost and convert the files into Cryogen source files

I hope those who read this find it helpful!

In all, this was a grueling process. I wouldn't wish it on a non-programmer. It took quite a bit of know-how I collected over the years to pull it all together. However, it's so much simpler to manage. I'm going to keep thinking about how to make a process like this more and more accessible to everyone, not just programmers.

Edit: On 2019-05-27 I decided I would no longer use microblog for direct interaction. Will need to figure something else out. Maybe Webmention?

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