Contributing to Humanity's Betterment

I have just installed a new piece of software on all my computers that will hopefully speed up the discovery of a cure for Alzheimer's. It's easy to do (for Mac and Windows users – if you run Linux I'm happy to help you out – write me a comment), and the only cost is a bit more electricity and leaving your computer on.

If you've never used Folding@home before, you'll need to get a Passkey. That way you can get credit for your contributions. Go here:

Then, you can visit:

and click "Start Folding."

If you wait a bit, the site will recommend an installer for you based on the Operating System it detects. Once you install it, you're off to the races!

If you want to know more about this wonderful project out of Stanford University:

One more thing – I've started a team so folks that follow my blog can see how much we have collectively contributed! The team ID is 234894. See how the team's doing by clicking the stats box at the bottom of my blog, or:

Happy Folding!

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