Blog Port Woes

So I dropped RCN. Then I got a new provider. Sadly, the port forwarding settings on the hardware they gave me were hard to use. So I decided not to host my git repositories or my blog here at home and instead put them on a Linode. So, I manually ported everything I thought I needed to port using various mysqldump commands and so on. The result is what you see here. Something that seems to work, but not quite.

For example, the blog posts that have tags generate 404 errors when you click on the tag to see other posts in that same tag. No bueno!

Also, isso, the platform I used for comments, is much harder to get work in Ubuntu 18.04 than I thought. Something about a dependency problem. So comments are now also broken. :-(

I am sorry for the experience and will try my best to get it corrected as soon as I can!

Edit: Restarted the ghost service and tags are working! Still need to fix comments.

Further Edit: Got isso working again! The manual installation using pip did the trick. :-)

Tags: hospitality