Calm mind, useless, without good heart

It seems the notion of good behavior is poking me quite a lot these days. While I've spent the past couple of years learning how to calm myself, with the help of medication and meditation, I've most recently realized compassionate behavior has taken a back seat. Worrying about getting enough meditation practice time in, I've failed to get enough study time or community time. I'm retreating into a cave without ever leaving my urban condo.


What a wakeup call this article on the trinity of wisdom, ethics, and mindfulness was! It is a lovely, and welcome, reminder of what I really need to be paying attention to: holding a strong view grounded in wisdom and compassion, maintaining a good meditation practice, and making sure my speech, mind, and action are fully aligned in every sphere of my life.

Lately I've allowed myself to fall into the sarcasm trap at my new workplace. While we all agree that the trading of barbs is a positive way to show affection, there are times when I worry I'm going to overstep and cause some serious emotional harm. And, knowing how I've unintentionally caused such suffering and not known for months at previous jobs, the importance of paying close attention seems higher than ever.

On the other hand, I do keep hearing how the team I'm on is one of the most dynamic, powerful, and disciplined teams at my workplace. So, while I can't take credit for all that, at least I'm not causing so much chaos that we're falling apart or gridlocked! This is quite positive overall.

Regardless, I'm grateful for this rare moment where the importance of regular meditation practice has been de-emphasized in favor of balancing wisdom and ethics. It is sorely needed. Not just within my own mind, but throughout the society we all share!

Tags: humanity