Love, Complicated

Saw Love, Simon last evening.

My heart burst as I empathized with him,
Struggling to make sense of the randomness
Of secrecy, of self-protection, of
Wanting the empty spot in his heart
To be finally full, forgetting that
Everyone around him feels
Exactly the same.

This comes not just from my own sense
Of having to "come out" to the world,
Of my trials and tribulations as
One who appears and behaves differently
From everyone. It comes from the soft
Spot in my heart that I know we
All have.

The labels I've collected over the
Years, from "gay," to "geek," to
"Weirdo," to "freak," have impacted
Not just who I am, but who I am
If I let them be. I can hold them,
Gently. Kindly.

And, as Simon's Mom said so perfectly,
I can exhale.

And, with my guard down, I can
Let my friends, family, team, boss,
Sangha, world, in. And when I have
found that perfect hospitality,
Maybe then I can relax into
The brilliance of the world.

Love, Stephen.

P.S. To the filmmakers: thank you.

Tags: humanity