Enpass balances safety and privacy

I prefer to be in control of my data. Ever since another password service locked me out of my account for days and couldn't figure out how to let me in I've been managing my own password database using KeepassX and a self-hosted WebDAV server. It's been quite awful, slowing down my computer usage dramatically.

So when I discovered Enpass I was intrigued! Initially the import was complex, but since I'm a programmer, I was able to figure out how to export the KeepassX XML file, write a short Clojure script to make it into an easy-to-parse CSV file, and import it into the desktop client.

The whole process took a couple hours, but it was worth it! Not only did I get a nice browser plugin, mobile support, and the ability to control where my password database is stored, I only had to spend a flat $10 and I got to clean up my 600+ passwords quite thoroughly.

For folks who use KeepassX and want to get all their data out, I'm happy to offer the script freely. Just let me know!

Tags: technology