Love, Complicated

Saw Love, Simon last evening.

My heart burst as I empathized with him,
Struggling to make sense of the randomness
Of secrecy, of self-protection, of
Wanting the empty spot in his heart
To be finally full, forgetting that
Everyone around him feels
Exactly the same.

Must change or cancer will get me!

In case my parents are reading this blog post, I don't have cancer. I'm just paranoid.

Boy, that was such a clickbait title!!

Tribute to Stephen Schurkey

Who I just learned yesterday passed away. Whom I met first two and a half years ago. Whose light still reverberates through the three realms.

Who touched me deeply with his smile, his deep wisdom, his music. Whom I would have easily given anything to had he asked. Whose rebirth, should he take one, I pray will be most favorable.

Please use a password app!

My work in software development gives me a unique perspective on security. Thinking about, building, and deploying software includes wondering how others might hack their way into my systems. But most folks don't really pay much attention because it's hard.

An easy-to-follow article on why you should use a different password on every site reminded me that everyone who doesn't pay a little attention to their security is vulnerable to quite a lot of suffering if their accounts are hacked into! So, please, at least change the passwords on your bank accounts and other places that could be vulnerable. And use an app to do it.

The Expanse is Saved!

Very excited to read that Amazon Prime will carry The Expanse! I watched every episode as soon as it came out on Syfy, and look very much forward to seeing what happens in Season 3.

Will you be watching?