Goodbye again, Facebook (and others)

To my friends on Facebook: I have left Facebook for good. If you are wondering if I un-friended you, I didn't. I just don't exist there any more.

The contacts I had before I left are safely on my hard drive, and should I find or build a replacement that is non-intrusive to me and my friends, you will get an email. You can be sure that, whatever it is I use or build, it will be all about strengthening relationships, not isolating myself from everyone by giving myself false rewards for clicking "like" on people's updates.

I could not live in San Francisco..

The new caste system that is starting to take form makes me a bit squeemish, if not altogether ill. Why does Silicon Valley think it can get away with this?

Who is interested in fixing it? And/or helping other cities avoid this fate?

Blog comments working again

Part of managing your own infrastructure is making mistakes about things like email services, etc. Knowing your limits is critical. I didn't. Ha!

So here's what happened – when I set up my blog system, I started using isso because I didn't want Disqus owning my data. I also had my own email server on my Synology NAS. However, when I replaced my Synology NAS with a Drobo, I never set up a new email server. So, any blog comments that folks have written, I didn't get notified about.

My Teacher Accused of Clergy Sexual Misconduct

I was beyond crushed to hear of so many people who were harmed by my teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, in the Phase 2 [Buddhist Project Sunshine]( report. It left me feeling angry, sad, bewildered, and scared that this collection of teachings I've aligned myself with is corrupted in some way. If all we produce are sexual predators as teachers, what are the rest of us likely to become as practitioners?

The contemplation continues, and I am not making any rash judgments (which is strange for those who know me), but I can say for a fact that I have requested that any contributions I make to my local Shambhala Center may not be used to provide any support for the corrupted leadership in what we call the "Center of the Mandala." Our, for lack of a better word, corporate headquarters. This was not my idea – another sangha member kicked off the movement toward decentralization and I believe it's an excellent way to signal we refuse to support a corrupt leadership model.

Europeans, Save Your Internet


Don't let the EU break our Internet - tell your MEP to save it before 20 June On 20 June, the European Parliament will vote on the Copyright Directive. Members of the parliament are the only ones that can stand in the way of bad copyright legislation. Tell them you need them to protect your Internet against surveillance and censorship machines!