Blog Platform Upgrade

I've just upgraded my blog to Ghost 2.1.2 – a huge improvement! Hopefully you won't see much difference, but if you do notice anything, I hope you'll drop me a line in the comments section!

I have to say – that was a pretty painless upgrade. For self-hosting website platforms, this one takes the cake.

Am I in a cult?

And, is it a dangerous one? An inept one? A brilliant one?

I stumbled across this gem of an article talking about my lineage from an outsider's perspective: Judith Simmer-Brown to Distraught Shambhala Members: “Practice More.” (Notes and Transcript) and it gave me much food for thought. There is much harm my lineage has caused that I was completely unaware of because we don't really talk to each other. A man committed suicide by immolation because of the current scandal with my teacher. In fact, this article is the first time I actually learned his given name (Ösel Mukpo) because we have this tendency to use only his honorifics when referring to him.

My favorite tech news forum talks about #basicincome

Everyone should know by now that I am a huge supporter of Universal Basic Income. Let's "listen in" as a bunch of tech heads (many of which are quite wealthy relative to the rest of the world due to the high demand of software engineering talent) weigh in:

Slashdot Asks: Which is Better, a Basic Income or a Guaranteed Job?

Calm mind, useless, without good heart

It seems the notion of good behavior is poking me quite a lot these days. While I've spent the past couple of years learning how to calm myself, with the help of medication and meditation, I've most recently realized compassionate behavior has taken a back seat. Worrying about getting enough meditation practice time in, I've failed to get enough study time or community time. I'm retreating into a cave without ever leaving my urban condo.


Just Breathe, Then Lend Us Your Voice

Found in the comments section of this article: Here’s the trailer for Michael Moore’s new anti-Trump documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9