Extreme Programming Self Assessment

I've been a mediocre Extreme Programming practitioner for about 18 years. I say this because my practice has never gotten any better than any team I've ever been on, and I've never been on a team that was ever focusing on Extreme Programming (XP).

However, I'm in the midst of trying to convince my team that it's a good idea to at least consider working with some of the XP practices. Together they might prove to be a powerful way to become one of the most productive and happy teams at our organization.

The Human Enterprise

This chart that summarizes what it means to have a cutting edge organizational system is brilliant. I have nothing else to say. You should go read it. Now. :-)

I've been dreaming of a programmer commune

A story that showed up today on Hacker News made me quite excited! It showed how a commune can be quite efficient and enjoyable to participate in. The numbers I was most excited about:

Weekly labor quota of 35 hours. Actual worked hours 26.8 per person per week.

Blog Port Woes

So I dropped RCN. Then I got a new provider. Sadly, the port forwarding settings on the hardware they gave me were hard to use. So I decided not to host my git repositories or my blog here at home and instead put them on a Linode. So, I manually ported everything I thought I needed to port using various mysqldump commands and so on. The result is what you see here. Something that seems to work, but not quite.

For example, the blog posts that have tags generate 404 errors when you click on the tag to see other posts in that same tag. No bueno!

Saying goodbye to RCN (@RCNconnects)

I'm sad to report that RCN internet is no longer a viable option for me. My uptime robot tells me I've experienced a total of 78.23% of uptime over the last 24 hours. This is unacceptable.

Moving to https://www.dslextreme.com/ seems a bit, well, weird, since I'll have to sacrifice my 1Gbps internet speed. However, if they can stay up for even 90% of the time I'll have experienced a major improvement.