Ancient Corporate Governance Doesn't Work

The method of one-vote-per-share doesn't serve the long-term best interests of corporations and the world they live in. It may serve to support short- term profitability for shareholders, for sure. However, that sometimes undermines what is best for humanity in the long run.

These two articles are cases-in-point of the issue I'm talking about:

I've left Shambhala behind

It took me a long time to say goodbye. A bittersweet exit for sure. And now I'm even more cautious about connecting my spiritual well-being to a single person. Lucky for me the teacher I'm working with now ( is extraordinarily careful about how the guru relationship works.

We shall see how it goes...

@Skype Leaks Contacts

I'm about to delete my Skype accounts due to this issue. If that's the only way you know me, reach out to me ASAP!

Skype is better, but still problematic

Contributing to Humanity's Betterment

I have just installed a new piece of software on all my computers that will hopefully speed up the discovery of a cure for Alzheimer's. It's easy to do (for Mac and Windows users – if you run Linux I'm happy to help you out – write me a comment), and the only cost is a bit more electricity and leaving your computer on.

If you've never used Folding@home before, you'll need to get a Passkey. That way you can get credit for your contributions. Go here:

"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" Not Good Advice

"Examine the small stuff," however, is probably more appropriate. I've been reflecting on my most recent psychodynamic therapy session and noticing that one small event can point to huge areas for analysis and growth.

Considering the complexity of the human brain, early trauma (this word is used in a very broad sense) can affect your emotional reaction to basically anything without you having any conscious awareness of what it really means. You may get angry at a perfectly reasonable, simple, suggestion simply because a long time ago an influential figure said something unskillful off-hand that impacted you for decades to come.