Is the US FDA Failing Us?

An article entitled Banned bread: why does the US allow banned additives that Europe says are unsafe? makes me wonder: is the United States Food & Drug Administration (US FDA) failing us?

I'm on the IndieWeb!

I've joined the IndieWeb and it's kind of fun. I can log into a website using just my website URL, since they know it's me!

Tergar Goes Teal

I've been working quite hard on bringing myself fully into a Teal mindset. And, having been through several Holacracy transformations, and helping at least one other small group take a few tentative steps into Sociocracy, I'd like to think I've been making progress.

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog! This has been several mornings of being late to work coming, as I have painstakingly ported all of my content over into a new, simpler system. Several things have changed:

Ancient Corporate Governance Doesn't Work

The method of one-vote-per-share doesn't serve the long-term best interests of corporations and the world they live in. It may serve to support short- term profitability for shareholders, for sure. However, that sometimes undermines what is best for humanity in the long run.

These two articles are cases-in-point of the issue I'm talking about: