Let's Share the Load

Eric S. Raymond writes a compelling case for helping out folks who give away their technical expertise for the good of us internet denizens. I've decided to take the Loadsharers pledge with him!

How to Get More Creative?

I ponder... how to take all the fun, interesting things in my head and make something helpful to others?

Let's Remove the Electoral College

FiveThirtyEight reports that the Movement to Skip the Electoral College is Picking up Steam. This is very good news. The electoral college process in the United States very much keeps the country biased towards conservatism, leaving minorities and other underprivileged folks out in the cold.

Against Using Hell to Keep Spiritual Practitioners In Line

I'm a Shambhala refugee. This doesn't mean, as a Buddhist practitioner might suggest, that I "go for refuge" in Shambhala. No, I've fled the kingdom to seek refuge in another place.

Is the US FDA Failing Us?

An article entitled Banned bread: why does the US allow banned additives that Europe says are unsafe? makes me wonder: is the United States Food & Drug Administration (US FDA) failing us?