A search engine that could save the world

Ecosia is a search engine that is run by a nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees. Pretty cool, right? So, all you have to do is use https://www.ecosia.org to do all your searching and rest easy knowing trees are getting planted.

It could literally save the world.

Let's plant some trees and save the world?

New research suggests planting a trillion trees could save the world.

Do we have to split the USA to save humanity?

A thought I had while sitting comfortably in my air conditioned condo, at the height of privilege – are we doomed? Is the fact that our government is so screwed up, and likely to remain that way because of the Supreme Court, the reason we are unable to respond to the climate crisis in a fast-enough time frame to save humanity from extinction?

Universal Basic Income and the New Economy

Universal Basic Income could radically transform our culture for the better. Now, before you jump into the thought process of "How will we pay for it?" or "What about people who don't want to work?" or whatever else, let's ask ourselves:

Upgrade Firefox Now!

Lifehacker reports a serious security flaw that was fixed in Firefox. Make sure your browser is at least 67.0.3 before browsing any further!